Mirth-filled blend of Pictionary and Chinese Whispers
Multi-award winning Telestrations first released in 2010 is the inventive mash-up of Pictionary and Chinese Whispers (or the Telephone Game as it’s known in the US) where 4 to 8 players draw what they see, then guess what they think they see, and rinse and repeat.

Simple premise that leads to unexpected doodlng mirth.

Each player takes a drawing pad, dry wipe marker and card with six numbered words on. A die is rolled to randomly determine which numbered word players will be required to draw. The players have a minute to draw their respective word in secret on the first page of the pad.

Once the time is up, all players pass their books to the player on their left, who is now tasked with deciphering the drawing and writing their guess on the second page, before passing the book onward to the player on their left.
draw, guess, repeat
This third player then refers to what’s written on page 2 and has one minute to provide a drawing on the third page, before handing the pad to the player on their left.

Play continues in this vein until each book has visited all players and is returned to the originator.

Each player then reveals the drawings and guesses, and points are allocated.

A point is awarded if the final guess matches the original secret word (rarely happens!). Players also award bonus points for their favourite drawing and guess.

After three rounds the player with the highest score is the declared the winner.
Understandably, many people shy away from such drawing games on account that they don’t feel confident in their artistic abilities. In Telestrations it really doesn’t matter, it’s kind of the point. Every misinterpreted line, dot, swirl and “Is that an arm or an antenna?” provides SO much joy for all in this game, especially when you reach the ‘big reveal’ final stage, as you present your sketch lineage to the rest of the group.

Unearthing quite how your beautifully illustrated pogo stick has morphed into a dancing Jesus still nailed to the cross by the time it got round to Auntie Barbara is a pleasurable insight into the inner workings of your family’s brains.
a delight to play
Telestrations is a delight to play, purely for the laughter and conversation it generates and you can semi-forget the rules for scoring altogether.

The publisher’s recommended age suitability is 12+. Accepted that some of the words on the cards may be unknown to children below the age of 12, but there’s plenty of alternative words and cards for this to not present a problem.

We’ve successfully played this with our kids since they were 8 without a hitch, and there’s an increased mirth factor to be enjoyed by playing with kids younger than 12 anyway, when they occasionally misunderstand the meaning of a word, or draw an eight-legged cat.
the more the merrier
It’s worth noting that it really is the more the merrier with this game and four or five players can feel somewhat lacklustre.

Nevertheless, definitely one of our all-time faves.



30-45 mins


Why buy?
One of those games that will have you all in tears of laughter. Guaranteed to be a new staple ‘go to’ game for your social gatherings.

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