Whilst I’ is something of a passion project there are various running costs producing it – annual domain & web hosting fees, software subscriptions plus my time researching, purchasing and playing the games and writing the posts.

I’ve always hated those websites that are so cluttered with banner ads and pop ups that it’s difficult to actually identify the content! I didn’t want I’mboard to become yet another digital doormat of flyers and pamphlets for people to wade through, and running an online store and managing an inventory seemed like a lot of hard work and something of a time sink. Consequently I decided to try affiliate links to cover my running costs.

I’ve started with Amazon’s affiliates scheme on the basis that their range of products and global reach is unparalleled. Coupled with same/next day delivery and a straight forward returns policy.

If enough of you click on those affiliate links and purchase a game it’ll hopefully cover my costs and still leave a little something leftover to indulge the family in the odd cake-based treat, meal out, or trip to the local board games cafe.

Appreciate you stopping by, hope it was a pleasant distraction.



If you opt to purchase a reviewed product from Amazon within 24 hours after clicking on one of my affiliate links, Amazon distribute a small percentage of your payment to me as a commission by way of thanks for redirecting you to their store.

You’ll never be charged more for using my affiliate links. Woohoo! {fist pump}