Pass The Pigs

Fast & fun, push-your-luck piggy throwing game

An evolution of the 1940s dice game ‘Pig’ – Pass the Pigs requires each player to take turns throwing two miniature pink piglets each of which has a single spot on one side.

Just to be clear these are tiny plastic replicas, not actual real pigs. Are you insane?

more acrobatic = more points

Varying points are awarded for the different combination of piggy positions – the more acrobatic the more points are scored.

For example, super common is both pigs landing flat, same side up which scores a measly 1 point. A pig landing on it’s back is worth 5 points. Both pigs on their backs that’s 20 points, and don’t get me started on the adrenalin rush of rolling a double Leaning Jowler (60 points!).

After each throw a player must decide whether to bank their score or keep rerolling to accumulate their score further.

The potential fly in the oinkment (sorry couldn’t resist), is that if at any point the player throws a ‘pig out’ – one spot up, one spot down, the player is ‘bust’ and they lose ALL points scored for that turn, and must pass the pigs to the next player.

Worse still is rolling a ‘Makin’ Bacon’ – if your pigs land touching each other your score is reset to zero. Zoinks Scooby!

The winner is the first to achieve 100 points (or the agreed predetermined target score).

"Have you seen the little piggies..."

This is such a speedy, uncomplicated joy to play – thoroughly addictive and an absolute riot in a group.

speedy uncomplicated joy

The push-your-luck mechanic is a marvel to witness, with each player in visible turmoil – internally weighing up the odds with each new throw of the pigs – 

“Should I bank?”

or “Maybe just one more throw?”

Invariably, players fall in to two camps – steady Eddy’s who roll a couple of times and bank a sensible 10 or 15 points, and then the gung-ho brigade who quickly scale the heights of 50 or 60 points in one sitting only to push their luck too many times and go bust, but remain super eager to repeat the same winning strategy the next time it’s their go.

“You never know – I might get to 100 in one turn!”

Despite my family’s assertion, I am not this type of player, there is a sophisticated method to my apparent piggy madness. Just don’t let me loose on Vegas!

The beauty of this game is the lack of barriers to engagement – everyone can be involved from the start, there are no complex rules to learn, board or counters to move, turns are brisk, and the communal fun factor is high. Yes it’s primarily a game of chance, with the only ‘skill’ being determining your personal appetite for risk – when to bank, and when to keep on rolling, but it’s a compulsive, moreish joy.

For younger kids this is a great veiled way to get them to flex their numeracy skills and learn about probability, whilst also rolling about laughing when Daddy goes bust…again. The publisher’s age recommendation is 7+ but mature 5 or 6 year olds could easily join in the porky japes.

ultimate travel game

Pass the Pigs is THE ultimate travel game, essentially occupying no more space than two dice.

Assuming you can memorise the scoring combinations (or take a photo of the score sheet on your mobile), and track scores on a paper scrap this is a super pocketable travel game.

My advice – get a set o’pigs for your pocket, handbag or bum bag as soon as possible. Great fun.



10-30 mins


Why buy?
Immense, immediate fun. Ridiculously addictive, compact and super affordable. Perfect for larger groups. Oink oink squeeeeal!

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