Herd Mentality

Hilarious, effortless party game for up to 20 players
Could you predict what the majority of your family and friends would say:
  • the best ice-cream flavour was? or
  • the most common thing found on a beach? or
  • which body part they’d prefer to be stung by a wasp?
This prediction mechanic is the basis of Herd Mentality from Big Potato games, and it has to be said it is surprisingly a lot of fun. It’s a really straightforward concept that’s immediate to grasp.

If there’s a majority answer, then each of those players receive a cow token. The first to collect eight tokens wins the game.

If a single player writes an answer that doesn’t match anyone else’s then they take ownership of a squeezy soft pink cow. Whilst holding the pink cow that player cannot win the game (even if they collect eight tokens first), until another player provides a unique answer, and the ownership is transferred.
mooing is encouraged
It’s a neat additional rule that you hope hinders early leaders in the game as they regrettably provide a unique answer.

The other fun addition is that the rules encourage “moo”-ing at players who are taking far too long to write their answer down. This provides a joyous periodic soundtrack as the tardy straggler invariably fluffs their answer to silence the bovine chorus. It’s also guaranteed to unsettle others and get your bill delivered quickly if playing at the pub or in a restaurant.

The suggested player age is 10 or above, but kids 2-3 years younger can easily participate by just getting them to say their answer out aloud before anyone else to save them struggling with writing it down. Any infrequent, culturally tricky questions – “Name the best character in Friends?” for example, can easily be skipped and a new card selected.

Setup is minimal – space for a cardboard paddock which holds the scoring tokens and a pen and piece of paper each.

Even playing with a large group (20+) is actually a breeze. Someone reads out a question and everyone writes down what they think will be the majority answer. It really is that simple.

It’s perhaps a bit overpriced for what you get in the box in comparison to other games at a similar price point, but fortunately, the high fun factor makes you overlook this minor negative, and it’s frequently discounted.

You’ll definitely be playing this a lot, so easily worth the increased outlay.

play across video calls

Worth noting that it’s easily played remotely across video call with family and friends. See link below.

A staple social game for large groups of all ages.



30-45 mins


Why buy?
Seriously fun game. Super easy rules and swift to play. Suitable for most (7+). Makes a perfect after dinner game with family, friends or colleagues, with the added benefit of being playable remotely over video call.

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