Dangerously fun, competitive party game for your mobile
Gogogo! developed by Studiosaurus is a seriously fun tournament-style party game for 3 to 16 players available for Android and iOS devices.

Installed on just one device, players compete against each other in a series of challenges ranging from the physical, memory recall, fastest reactions, drawing, and numerous others.
locate the quacking device
Many of the challenges make use of the device being played on – which is passed from player to player during the round – tap the screen as many times as you can in 10 seconds, identify a pixelated image the quickest, take the best photo in 10 seconds, or treasure hunt – be first to locate the hidden quacking device.

Other tasks require pen and paper, or other readily available objects but nothing that requires serious planning in advance. Although if you don’t want any surprises the rules for each challenge can be inspected offline so you’ll know beforehand what you might need prior introducing gogogo to your group.
Gogogo! is an absolute riot. There’s something for everyone here and for most ages too – 6 and up I would say (just make sure Auntie Vera has her readers at the ready to read the game rules!).

Getting started is very swift and super intuitive – input the player names (up to 16) and confirm the game rules – the number of points required to win the game; randomized challenges, or a personalised list of your faves; and finally the difficulty level.

If younger kids are participating it’s very straight forward to deselect any word based mini-games that may prove too challenging.

Before each round commences one of the players is selected to sit out and adjudicate or facilitate the challenge in some way.

Round instructions are helpfully replayed and endearingly animated ahead of each challenge just in case anyone wasn’t listening (yes I’m looking at you Uncle Jeremy), and then you’re off.

super swift turns

Each player’s turn typically lasts 15-20 seconds and ensures that even when playing with larger groups there’s a swift turnover of player turns.

The fastest, most accurate, or best player is awarded a crown (one point!). The first player to score the pre-determined crown total is declared the victor, before you undoubtedly dive straight in to another game.

1) Input the player names
2) Set the game rules
3) Round begins: A referee is selected
4) the ref picks which challenge to play
5) What are the rules for this round?
6) Gogogo!

This is a compelling little gem, helped by the love and warmth that has clearly gone in to designing and animating the stickmen-like characters that feature throughout the app.

The free download from the relevant device app-store gives you 20 party games to play immediately, with 30 additional challenges available for a reasonable £3.99 (or US $2.99).

Temporary unlocks granting you limited (48 hour) free access to some of the paid-for challenges providing you watch the occasional advert, is refreshingly optional – there’s no intrusive “You must watch this advert to continue playing” here, and it’s very much appreciated.

blessed discovery

This is a remarkably fun little mobile party game – perfect for social gatherings, or a quick diversion for the family, or even whilst journeying on a train, ship or flight (yes this works in airplane mode).

I feel blessed to have discovered it. Thoroughly recommended.



20-45 mins


Why buy?
Superbly entertaining and fun, portable party game for your mobile. A wide variety of challenges keeps monotony at bay. Endearing art-style, beautifully implemented, and it’s free! Get it pre-installed on your mobile at the ready for future social gatherings.

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