Hello World!

I'm Board.org is quietly birthed on 26th November 2020

I’m board.org is quietly birthed on 26 November 2020 on to an unsuspecting and sickly world (COVID19 having dominated much of the year).

New dad – Rob – has lofty (yet naive) aspirations for his digital offspring to become the destination of choice for discerning folk in search of enjoyable board game recommendations and (marginally) amusing reviews.

Undernourished for over 3 years, the very skeletal I’m board remains swaddled tightly in blankets and mostly ignored (except by those hackers in 2023) with a very occasional content crumb tossed her way.

Then, in early 2024 with refreshed enthusiasm, and a new haircut, Rob set about redesigning and writing content for the floundered site with a proper launch targeted for May 2024.

Maybe this time I’m board will get to step out into the daylight….