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Top 10 most fun games for social gatherings

“So, who’s for a quick game of Monopoly?”

Sadly, so many great board games are limited to 4 players.  So what good games are out there that cater for larger social gatherings and require minimal rules explanation, have a short game length (so younger kids don’t lose interest) and are inclusive enough so that 6 year old Jimmy can hold his own against 94 year old Great Grandma Betty?

Listed below are 10 tried and tested favourites my family continually return to for large gatherings of family and friends, be it at home, out at a restaurant or visiting friends (yes I do have friends…okay they’re my wife’s friends).

All are first rate, easy to learn, quick to start, suitable for young and old, and most importantly, guaranteed to ensure fun times ensue. Enjoy.

Herd Mentality

Blend in, follow the herd and don’t be the only one to provide a unique prediction or you’ll get mooed at.

Hilarious fun for up to 20 players and can be played remotely on video call.
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Colourbrain, Colourbrain Junior & Disney Colourbrain

Correctly recall the colours of commonplace objects, TV & film characters and well known brands.
Mmm what colour were the Teletubbies again?”
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The Pretender

Refreshing Charades reboot mixed with social deduction. Can the Pretender remain undetected?
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Beautiful, strategy-light, visual puzzle game. Plan a few moves ahead to avoid crashing off the board or into other players.
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Pass The Pigs

Push your luck and keep those acrobatic pigs flying, before you go bust in this moreish, porky classic. 
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Charming and fun tournament-style party game played on a single mobile device. Complete a series of physical, memory recall, quick reaction, and creative challenges to determine who is the victor.
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