OK Play

Fun, easy to learn, strategic reinvention of Connect 4 for multiple players

OK Play published by Big Potato Games is essentially an easy to learn, more strategic, reinvention of Milton Bradley’s 1980s classic – Connect 4 for 2 to 4 players.

Players take turns placing square tiles of their chosen colour on to the table ensuring the tile is vertically or horizontally adjacent to another one. Consequently, with each turn the ‘board’ is expanded in different directions as dictated by the players.

The object of the game is to make a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of five tiles in your colour.

Each player begins the game with 15 tiles, which, once exhausted is where the real strategy is introduced as now players are able to pick up and relocate previously placed tiles creating all manner of unintended opportunities for victory as previously blocked lines are accidentally reopened.

The rules are seriously simple to grasp even for younger players (aged 6+), with game time running from several minutes to half an hour depending on the skill and number of players.

Don’t let the simple game mechanics fool you, it’s a seriously fun and compelling little game. Perfect for when you need a short distraction for the family.

It’s a fantastically compact travel game too with all the tiles stacking neatly on to a handy clipping mechanism that can be securely attached to your bag via the carabiner. 

The solid plastic construction of the tiles mean this game is completely weatherproof – perfect for camping, playing pool side, or on a beach – no chance of waterlogged components or ruined cards here. 

The base game comes with four sets of coloured tiles (allowing up to 4 players to play) with a two player set – OK Play Duel introducing two additional coloured tile sets to allow for up to 6 players.

In my opinion every family should own a copy of this superb little game.

Why Buy it?

OK Play’s immediacy to setup (mere seconds), rule simplicity and short game length combine to make it a ‘go to’ game for all ages. It’s light and compact size make it a travel staple for family holidays.

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