Work together to stop the bandido tunnelling out of jail

Bandido published by Helvetiq requires up to 4 players to cooperatively stop the imprisoned Bandido tunnelling out of jail. The base mechanic is simple – a starting card (the jail) is placed on the tabletop with five or six tunnel exit points. Players take it in turns to work through the deck (68 cards) placing a new tunnel card and ultimately ensuring that each of these potential exit points results in a dead end or loops back on itself thus cutting short Bandido’s underground adventure. Simple enough right, except the deck consists of a combination of t-junctions, crossroads, bends and not nearly as many dead ends as players hoped for. Essentially, player turns become all about picking and placing the least worst card (the one with the fewest exits) from their hand of 3 cards so as not to introduce too many additional tunnel exits to the board.

The cards and box are of a good construction and the graphic style is functional (just 3 colours) but a ‘busier’ design could easily have distracted.

This game sure is compact – consisting only of a narrow deck of cards (narrower then a deck of standard playing cards so perfect for little ones) – so makes a perfect travel game to sling in your suitcase or pocket. It’s ridiculously simple core and visual game mechanic means its perfect for all ages or if there’s a mix of first languages in your group.

A great stocking filler.

Price: £8-10
Players: 1 – 4
Duration: 15-30 mins
Complexity: Easy

Bandido is a fun cooperative puzzle game, especially for younger players. Compact and immediate, with a short game length and a low price point.

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